Posted by: worldlycitizen | May 16, 2009

UK MP’s ”fingers in the till”

The ELECTORATE in UK is enraged. MP’s are paid a most generous salary, have many perks and now they have been caught with their ”fingers in the till”… BIG TIME.

I can accept that some live miles away from home and want to SERVE their constituents in London. With the decision to stand as an MP (they all say it is to serve their local communities!!! Never that the salary is big, the pensions fantastic and all the perks and financial gains are NICE THANKYOU VERY MUCH!!!!) they know the bulk of their  job is going to be miles away in London.

So, they should be recompensed for travelling to and from home, but setting up a second home and improving it with taxpayer’s hard earned funds and then owning a valuable increased value asset is definitely not right.

I have an answer for this lot of  greedy ”SERVANTS”…. the government should buy a huge block of flats, near Parliament and rent the accommodations out to the MPs. This way the Government would own the real estate and the MPs would be paying rent in their town job, just like you or I would do if we wished to live elsewhere and work in London Monday to Friday.

When you look at some of the mansions these MPs live in you can’t help but wonder that they need to claim for horse manure for the family pile, a moat round the property to keep out ” low-life” who pay their taxes promptly (or get charged  one hundred pounds penalty) or even a packet of kit-kats to ease the pain of having to leave home and travel to the capital to run the country. 

What stinks is the fact that a young mum wanted to send her child to a ”good” school and as her address barred her from putting him on the roll she wrote down on the form her mother’s address, nearby the school.  She is being charged in the courts……  her ”illegitimate” claim would not have cost the taxpayer a cent, but it will now she’s got a court case ahead of her! Where is the justice here when MPs can claim for ridiculous things and major items like interest on a mortgage over their second home – when they stopped paying it many months before!

Bring in the police and charge them just as I would be if I stole a ream of typing paper from my boss or had my ”fingers in the till” and took home some of the day’s takings instead of taking it to the bank.

Come on, tidy up the act MPs – remember you are employed by the taxpayer.. you are our servant.  Get it right. Get it honest and if you cant, then get out.


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