Posted by: worldlycitizen | May 16, 2009

Carers must always care

Lying in bed, unable to move or see you do need to have confidence that your carer is honest and at the very least ”care”.

I have been working in the UK as a live-in carer for nearly six years now and have looked after 20 clients, all over the British Isles. You would never believe some of the things my clients and I have experienced from live-in carers and those who visit during the day to assist me.

Some have stolen, some have deprived clients of their ususal standard of living, spoken dreadfully to the frail and infirmed and worst of all taken away their dignity.

Most have been terrific and faultless but sadly images of one taking both  hearing aids off a dear old 90-year-old woman and removing batteries, pushing people  extremely  roughly cross the bed, depriving others  of daily toiletry routines,  missing out medication, shocking standards of cooking, yelling and speaking rudely to clients  – all in all,   disappointing ”care”.

In many case my clients have had family or close friends to ”advocate” for them but not everyone has someone checking out what the carers do and their intentions.

Most agencies insist on Police Reports but there are some who slip through the net and the end result of this is ”who knows” who these people are. Also, anyone can present really well at a job interview so agencies accept people who are quite different when they get ”out in the field”.  At that point the agency cannot stand behind every person they send out in to the carer world.

At the end of the day it is up to the carer him or herself to set standards and stick to them. Personally, I work as if the family have installed a hidden camera and it is on me all the time.  I want to offer/practice high standards so I don’t really need to add this ”camera” to my world but all the time it is in my mind that i must adhere to this work ethic.

Caring for the elderly or infirmed should come from the heart, the pay packet should not be the main focus in caring for those who need someone honest, reliable, friendly and most of all CARING.

Let’s put CARE before everything else if we are responsible for helping someone to live at home, or in a care-home when they are vulnerable and need to know their day is comfortable and safe and they are nurtured well in body, mind and soul.

( I am new to blogs, hope I have done this right…)


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